Our commercial terms




1) At the time of issuing this ticket, you must check the date and time of travel, seat, as well as the price, category, type of service and destination according to your request. Once issued, there will be no place for claims.

2) The ticket refund, according to Decree 212 of the Ministry of Transport in Grupo Andesmar companies, will be at least 85% of its value when the corresponding ticket is canceled by the interested party up to four hours before the departure time.

3) The purchase of the ticket gives the right to carry a handbag and, as luggage, free of charge, a package that does not exceed 30 kg. When the transported luggage exceeds the regulatory limit, the passenger must pay the corresponding amounts for excess luggage, which are governed by parcel service rates. 

4) All luggage for transportation is received in a closed package, without declaration of content. Do not include valuable items (money, tablets, securities, jewelry, documentation, calculators, video cameras, cameras, "walkman", etc.) in your luggage. When the passenger wishes, they may declare the value of the package, in which case the luggage will be regulated by the parcel transport regime and value. In the case of undeclared valuable packages, and regardless of their content, their loss and/or total and/or partial deterioration will be compensated with 5 UTM according to Decree 212 of the Ministry of Transport. 

5) For safety reasons, elements that somehow endanger the safety of the vehicle, the transported passenger or company staff cannot be transported.

6) In case of breakdown or loss of luggage, the Company will respond in accordance with the relevant legal provisions.

7) Any claim related to transported luggage must be made preferably before leaving the station or place where the trip ends, and invariably within 24 hours of its completion; having to prove ownership by presenting the corresponding luggage control ticket or stub.

8) The bearer of this ticket is insured according to current regulations. 

9) When for technical operational reasons, the company cannot provide the transportation service through the unit intended for this purpose, it may do so through another one in its replacement, having to respect identical conditions of price and service category.

10) The Company is not responsible for expenses or damages, caused by the delay in departure, arrival and/or interruptions during the trip, when this is due to force majeure or fortuitous event. 

11) The Company reserves the right to make the passenger abandon the trip at any stage of the journey, for any reason that constitutes danger or nuisance for the remaining passengers or staff, having to leave it under the protection of the authority and/or in a safe place.

12) It is the passenger's responsibility to consult and comply with customs, health, phytosanitary and immigration provisions. Any violation of the rules will be their absolute responsibility. 


In international services, the passenger must satisfy all governmental requirements regarding Personal Documents required for travel, both on departure and entry to both countries. The company is not responsible for the expenses and inconveniences caused by the passenger's failure to comply with these requirements.


Whatsapp +56 995371287 from Monday to Friday from 09:00 hrs to 18.00 hrs. and Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00 hrs.


Tickets purchased online or via the Call Center at can be returned, but only by the CARDHOLDER, and paying the penalties or withholdings outlined below, in the following ways:

If you bought your Ticket online through the website, you can request a return here.
If you bought your Ticket through the call center or at Physical Agencies, you must make the return through the same means.

The charge will be made to the credit card authorized at the time of ticket purchase.
COST FOR RETURN SERVICE: The returned ticket has an additional management fee.


Any ticket purchased under this contract modality ( and paid in advance by credit card and/or any other electronic payment method; is subject to verification by the company, and in case of detected irregularities; the ticket holder may be required to demonstrate conclusively the means of payment used for its purchase, which must be accredited prior to the effective provision of the service.