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Special trips

This business account has the support, leadership and security offered by Autotransportes Andesmar.

What are the special trips of Andesmar?

It is a service designed for groups, from corporate trips, students, sports, congresses, religious and recreational tourism and NGOs. The service enables the hiring of Group A units for special purposes outside of an established route. It allows channeling the individual, group and corporate needs of clients for all types of transfers, national / international transfers, visits to cities and days available.


• Vehicles available throughout the country to cover any route or schedule.
• Quality and safety, guarantee of the best price for "empty kilometer", that is, the distance traveled by the unit from the base to where the passengers who hire the service are.
• Possibility of total and / or partial payment of the cost of the service, credit cards.

Study tours

Exclusive transfer services for schools to different parts of the country. Educational tourism as a recreational, cultural and historical proposal, according to the needs of students, teachers and school institutions.

DESTINATIONS: Temuco, Chillán, Pucón, Villarrica, Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Montt. International Trips to Argentina, Bariloche, Mendoza, Córdoba, etc.

Student trips

It is found in a young, audacious public with a desire for knowledge and cultural interest. A service designed especially for students and university professors who wish to generate and create opportunities for exchange, integration and mutual growth.


A service ready to provide transportation services.

Recitals and events

Bringing the public the opportunity to attend special events and recitals in different parts of the country.


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We travel the country from one end to the other, connecting destinations with the best service, that Andesmar offers to its passengers.

At the forefront of national transport, our company travels more than 5,000,000 kilometers per month

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