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Our different means of advertising:

Advertising on rear windows

Advertising on rear windows

Buses rear windows.

20 inches screens

20 inches screens

Video playback in each of the company's buses, 20 to 30 seconds (AVI format). This medium increases the trust and credibility. Using videos allows you to also establish a stronger link between you and your clients, to stand apart from the competition. Due to lack of knowledge, very few companies bet on this new trend and benefit from the services.

Individual screens

Andesmar TV

On-board entertainment system for passenger service through its Movile Devices, by WI-Fi connection in our Buses.

Seats headrest

Seats headrest

Printed headrests.


Whatsapp: +569 95371287
Phone: 56 2 27257185 int 056007
Address: Juana Weber 4725, Santiago de Chile
MAIL: sugerencias@andesmarchile.cl

Andesmar destinations

We travel the country from one end to the other, connecting destinations with the best service, that Andesmar offers to its passengers.

At the forefront of national transport, our company travels more than 5,000,000 kilometers per month

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Our bus fleet is made up of state-of-the-art units.

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