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1. How much time in advance should I show up at the bus terminal?

For national bus trips, it is necessary to arrive half an hour before the bus departure. For bordering or international trips, an hour in advance.

2. What kind of documentation should I provide to the bus driver?

Your ID and your e-ticket.

3. What kind of documentation is required for an international bus trip?

For entering Chile, tourists must verify with the International Police Department the required documents, ID and stamped VISA (according to the native country). Tourists from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru may enter with their national IDs.

The International Police Office provides a Tourist Card form that is valid for 90 days while entering Chile, and can be renewed for another 90 days. It is a personal card and cannot be transfered to another person. The tourist must have this card while reciding in the country and must provide it to the International Police Office while leaving the country.

Bus passengers from Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti and Republica Dominicana must ask for a Non-Permanent Recidense Visa in the Consulate of its country.

4. Which is the baggage weight allowed for travelling by bus?

With your bus ticket, it is possible to carry a handbag, and a package that does not exceed 15 kg (33.0693 lb). When the transported baggage exceeds the established limit, the passenger will have to pay the corresponding amounts of overplus baggage, that are governed by the values of parcel services of the transport company. Check out luggage section.

5. Where can I check the departure platform, if it's not specified in my e-ticket?

It is advisable to ask at the bus company departure office at the terminal.

6. What should I do if I lose my bus ticket?

In case of loss or misplacement of the bus ticket, you must communicate as far ahead as possible with the company, ticket office, or agency where you purchased your bus ticket, to follow recommended procedures.

7. Can I return my bus ticket?

If you decide not to make the trip, you will get refunded a percentace of the ticket rate, according to the anticipation you return the ticket:

If the bus ticket is returned within 24 hours to 1 hour before the departure of the vehicle, 70% of the payment amount will be refunded.

If the bus ticket is returned within 48 hours to 24 hours before the departure of the vehicle, 80% of the payment amount will be refunded.

If the bus ticket is returned within more than 48 hours before the departure of the vehicle, 90% of the payment amount will be refunded.

8. What kind of documentation should I provide to travel by bus with medication and/or food?

If you have any concerns about allowed food or sanitary issues, you should ask with the frontier organizations, due to it is not a responsibility of the National Directorate of Migration.

9. Where should I confirm my open bus ticket?

The date of travel of an open bus ticket must be confirmed at a bus terminal.

10. Can I travel with my pets?

No, due to hygiene and safety regulations, it is forbidden to transport animals on the bus.

11. Do minors pay for a bus ticket?

Children under 5 years old (who prove their age by presenting ID) do not pay a ticket, instead, they must pay an insurance, but do not have the right to occupy a seat, nor to claim for on-board service.

12. How many minors can travel with an adult without paying a ticket?

It is advisable to travel only one child per adult, estimating that you can enjoy the trip pleasantly and without causing any trouble to the passenger who is in the adjacent seat.

13. What documentation should I provide to travel with minors?

Minors under 12 (twelve) years old, cannot travel without the company of an adult (parent, guardian)
From 13 to 17 years old, they can travel without the company of an adult but must present OBLIGATORY the stipulated documentation.
In order to be able to complete the process, parents or guardian must attend, in advance of the departure time of the bus, to any of the Andesmar Company's ticket office, or the Andesmar group, to verify and validate that both the data and the documentation presented at the time of travel is the appropriate.

14. I have a request / claim

You can contact our Contact Center department vía whtasapp +56995371287 or writing an email to gestionesatc@andesmar.com.ar

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